The Influencer Directory Business Services

Influencer Marketing is a huge growth area. Research shows that 92 percent of people trust individuals over brands, according to Nielsen. The Influencers Directory can show you and connect you with influencers that match your requirements, but if you want to drive sales & boost brand awareness, our marketing service team can help

Our marketing team have over 30 years working with business, both large and small. We have worked with some of the worlds biggest brands and understand campaign strategy and multi-channel requirements.

Whether you are looking for a multi-channel influencer to promote products or services across a broad audience or want to drive social amplification through a collection of micro-influencers, we can help. Our team are experts in storytelling, defining strategy, and working with influencers to drive your awareness and organizational goals. We understand not only the importance of getting the right plan and connecting you with the right influencers, but we also understand the importance of analyzing and measuring the results.

We offer the following services when it comes to your social campaign.

  • Storytelling workshops
  • Campaign strategy planning
  • Videography & Content Creation
  • Influencer sourcing and management
  • Identifying campaign KPIs and analytics setup
  • Experiential marketing campaigns
  • Paid social campaigns

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