Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sign up as an influencer?

There is a certain threshold to qualify as an influencer on our system.

I am seeing a message saying that I am not qualified to join how do I change that?

If you do not meet our minimum threshold score then you will not be able to promote your profile on our system. Although our algorithm has many metrics that we measure you can try increasing your followers and engagement activity to help increase your score.

How can I get more boost impressions?

You can invite more influencers to the platform and for each that sign up you will receive 100 home page impressions under Our favourite influencers this week section.

Do you have advertising on the directory.

Yes you can email to discuss advertising on the home page banner.

How many accounts can I connect?

There is not currently a limit on the number of profiles you can list but only the ones that pass our verification process with be listed.