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Kas Shah from London, Boxing champion, 2.3k instagram followers

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3 reasons why you should choose to register

3 reasons why you should choose to register


For Influencers

Gain more exposure to agencies, brands and business with no fees or commission. The Influencer Directory is completely free and makes it easy for you to connect with new opportunities.

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For Brands, Businesses & Agencies

The Influencer Directory provide a quick and easy way to find and engage an influencer, and it's completely free. Instantly connect direct or through an influencers agent to get campaigns flying!

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Unique Directory Score

Our unique //score gives an indication of an influencers strength overall and on their channels. This will help guide you to understand what support an influencer brings to the table.

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We enable your business to find and easily engage influencers, drive brand awareness growth and success with Influencers. Using the Influencers Directory you can search for influencers that are right for you, best of all it’s all for free! Let influencers tell your stories, build connections and spread the word. Just search for your topic and preferred platform, review the results and pick your preferences.

Tim and Dan Joo, Co-founders

With our free Influencers Directory, we can connect you or your agent directly with top brands and companies looking for influencers like you. It’s completely free, let us help you stand out from the crowd. We are here to help you win more contracts and grow further with your career as an influencer, whether you are micro-influencer or a mega influencer, the Influencer Directory are here to support you. Join today!

Tim and Dan Joo, Co-founders

We need you!

You might even need us! We are building a directory of influencers, free to access for both you and people looking for you. Whether you are a Mega, Macro, Micro, Advocate, Referrer, or Loyalist influencer our directory will give you free access to promote yourself to brands, businesses and agencies. Enabling them to immediately find and connect with you or your agent, or if you don't have an agent and want one we can look after you on that front also!

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